Notable Eats Tokyo, Japan

Cody B

It was called tsukemen , a kind of ramen known as dipping ramen. We had lots of ramen while in Tokyo, but this dish kind of blew me away. It was from this place called Fuunji. We arrived ten minutes before the place opened, and got our place in line. The doors opened and everyone started making their way in. It was a tiny counter seating around 15 people tops.


You order from a vending machine and hand your ticket to the lady behind the counter. You take your seat and wait. A plate of chewy fresh handmade noodles are then placed in front of you, followed by a steamy bowl of broth. Holy shit, I’ve never tasted anything like this broth. It was a creamy chicken based broth, with a dollop of ‘fish powder’, that transcended my senses into an unknown dimension. The texture was new to me. The taste was new to me. For that moment, I understood the universe.


Lizzy B.

Can you consider sake a food? Just kidding, there are so many delicious foods we had while in Tokyo. I think it’s a toss up between the pork katsu and sushi we indulged in. Normally, at home I stray away from the sushi since Tennessee is landlocked. We got up bright and early one morning and made our way to Tsukechi Outer Market for an unforgettable sushi breakfast. The fish at the Tsukechi was fresh, like straight out the water that morning fresh. You could eat sushi from a stand on the street or choose to sit down in a restaurant— we chose both. The most notable was this single bite of tuna nigiri from a street stand with no name.


My other favorite food item was the pork katsu curry dish we had at this sweet little restaurant in Shibuya called Tare-Katsu. Katsu is on the opposite end of the spectrum from sushi. Perfectly deep fried vegetables and pork with rice and a delectable brown curry sauce. It was epically satisfying after 90 minutes at the Sake Market. Japanese soul food at it’s absolute finest.