Notable Eats Beijing, China

Cody B

Peking duck. Beijing is famous for it. You see restaurants every couple steps with roast duck hanging in the windows. I had never had Peking duck before. I guess I was always waiting for the moment I came to Beijing. I’m glad I held out for as long as I did. I won’t ever forget my first Peking duck experience. We only ordered half a duck. Most people order the full duck and take the bones home with them in bags when they’re finished. My guess is to use them at home while cooking. We chose a random joint off a random alley way in the houtong we were staying in outside Tiananmen Square. I’m sure which ever place you would choose would be better than anything you would get back state side. Savory crispy duck skin with moist tender meat underneath, cut into strips, served with a plate of fixings, and a basket of thin steamed wraps. This shit was notable for sure. 


Lizzy B

We were sitting in our hostel common area when I was wafted with the most amazing smell. I turn my head to see this guy snacking on something that looked like a sandwich but I couldn’t tell because it was in a bag. I knew then and there, not knowing exactly what it was, that would be the next thing I consume. I asked him where he found that tasty looking treat and he directed me to a small window with a couple of red lanterns hanging out front just about 30 meters from our hostel. The man in the window was selling jian bing, aka a Chinese crepe. You can choose the fillings. I chose chicken. He pours the batter on the griddle and cracks an egg on it. Next, he smeared a thick sweet brown sauce and chili sauce. Then, it is stacked with several crunchy Chinese fried dough crackers, green onions, lettuce, other green things that wasn’t sure of what they were, and a couple pieces of spiced chicken. The texture was reminiscent of a crunch wrap supreme from Taco Bell. Obviously, it tasted much better! Anyways, very unassuming yet very delicious street food. Apologies for the lame photo.